Opening Times and Fees


Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.50 am. & 2.50 pm. except Wednesday 8.50 am & 2.00 pm. (School terms only).

SESSION FEES (reviewed annually - 2016-17 fees detailed)

Mon - Fri  excl Wednesday 8.50 - 2.50                                         £30.00

Mon - Fri  8.50 - 2.00                                                                    £25.00

Mon - Fri 8.50 - 12.00 noon                                                          £15.00


Free funding entitlement for all three and four year old children is 15 hours per week:

Free funding entitlement for two year children that meet certain criteria is 15 hours per week, To check if you are eligible go to and follow the links to apply. 

Mon- Fri (Excl Wed)      8:50- 2:50        6 hours per day            no charge

Mon - Fri                        8:50- 2:00        5 hours per day             no charge

Mon- Fri                         8:50 - 12:00       3 hours per day            no charge

For 3 and 5 Hours sessions taken as part of a funding entitlement, the first 10 minutes of each session is not charged. 

You can use any combination of these hours to make up your 15 hours per week, however, once your 15 hours free entitlement has been allocated to sessions, any hours over that time must be paid for at the current rate of £5.00 per hour.

In order to access the hours taken after 12 o’clock, your child must attend the morning session first.

Other Fees

 1       Registration FeeNo Charge
On application to the nursery you will be advised about availability for your required start date.  Once accepted your fees will fall due from that date.    
 2 Insurance & AdministrationNo Additional Charge
The cost of these are included as part of your session fee payments.
 3 Late PaymentsNo Additional Charge
Fees should be paid regularly, where fees fall overdue by two weeks a polite reminder is issued.
 4 Returned ChequesWhere bank charges are levied on the Nursery, the same amount will be passed on to you.
 5Changes to booked sessionsNo Charge for making a change
Changes to booked sessions can be made by arrangement with the nursery subject to available spaces.  An appropriate adjustment to fees will be made from the revised arrangement.
 6Additional/Emergency Sessions at Short NoticeNo additional charge, other than payment for the session or sessions.
We will always try to accommodate these requests but may be limited by children to staff ratio requirements. 
 7 Tee Shirts & SweatshirtsOptional
Please ask a member of staff about these items.